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Designed for teachers, this course will focus on the new 2018 AERO World Language Standards and Benchmarks, and on a model curriculum framework for World Language programs in international schools.  Through a variety of learning activities participants will gain knowledge of both documents and engage in a backward design process to develop learning units to use in their classrooms. The units will be aligned to the standards and benchmarks and curriculum framework, and will reflect increased understanding of current best practice for World Language programs.

Designed for Social Studies teachers interested in curriculum development, this week-long session will focus on recent research in social studies teaching and learning. Participants will explore the relationship between the AERO Social Studies Standards and the C3 Framework and collaborate in the design of useful resources for classroom use. 

Designed for Science teachers, this course will focus on content through the AERO Science Framework. Particular emphasis will be placed on implementing the framework, planning for classroom inquiry, and developing appropriate assessments of student learning.

Designed for math teachers and curriculum leaders, this course will focus on the AERO Mathematics Framework with an emphasis on assessment. Topics covered will include: planning assessments, gathering evidence of learning, interpreting data, and using the results of that analysis in the classroom.

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Designed for English teachers, this course will focus on the newly revised and Common Core aligned AERO English/Language Arts Framework. Participants will review the document, examine the learning progressions, and consider strategies to implement the framework in their schools. Emphasis will also be placed on assessment strategies.

Designed for school curriculum leaders, this course will focus on the change process in schools, standards-based instruction, and assessment of learning. Participants will also gain exposure to the AERO subject specific frameworks as they plan for implementation in their schools.

This is the main Project AERO course, for coordination of AERO resources.It is a meta-course, so all users enrolled in the other 7 AERO SI courses are automatically enrolled in this one with corresponding roles.