"Moodle is a wonderful tool." - Testimonials from IC Beirut

109 teachers at International College in Beirut responded to their use of Moodle. The varied responses fall into four broad categories based upon the major topic of their responses.

Teachers state that they liked Moodle and find it a useful tool.

  • An amazing tool! I Found it very useful and informative. It saves time and is very helpful.
  • facile et accessible!
  • La simplicité étant la sophistication à l'extrême, Moodle a amené mon travail d'enseignant à un niveau de simplicité (donc de sophistication) indispensable dans l'enseignement actuel des Sciences de la vie et de la Terre.
  • Moodle is some sort of "institutional memory". It keeps record of presentations, assignments, tests.... As a new teacher in the school Moodle has been extremely helpful as I was able to review how my predecessors have been managing the course.
  • Moodle it is a great tool. One of my favorites is the Glossary which is a great way to create some auto linked definitions for our Arabic course. It also is a great tool for providing rotating information on our site’s home page.

Teachers feel that Moodle helps to facilitate communication with parents and students, bringing home and school closer together.

  • Moodle is an organizational tool that helps teachers to upload content (videos, images, resources) and to communicate effectively with parents and staff in an efficient way and at very low cost.
  • I am 60 years old and on the verge of retiring and can easily forget. That is why Moodle is my favorite agenda. It is safe and the best tool to communicate with students while at home. I use it to organize all my assignment dates, to keep all my documents that I want students to have access to and, one more thing, no papers to carry or photocopy or print.
  • I work with my students on Community Service projects.  Moodle gives me the opportunity to make announcements without having to knock on doors and interrupt classes.  It gives me the feeling of being closer to my students; I can reach them and they can reach me at any time, even at night and over the week end...  They send me their project plans that I can keep and file in their records.
  • Moddle est un moyen de communication idéal pour mes élèves et moi: je peux m'adresser à eux directement et à n'importe quel moment, leur donner  du travail  à faire, leur poster des corrigés, des leçons,  des documents etc.

Teachers feel that Moodle makes students more responsible for their own learning and facilitates student-centered learning.

  • It is a great communication tool between teachers and students. It makes the students more responsible for themselves, their work and their learning process.
  • Moodle est un moyen de communication efficace qui facilite les échanges entre les éducateurs et les parents. Cette plateforme favorise l’implication des parents à la vie scolaire. De plus, Moodle contribue au développement de l’autonomie des élèves…
  • Moodle has added a new dimension to my teaching by creating a learning hub that extends beyond the physical setting of the classroom, allowing all stakeholders to play an active role in the learning process.
  • Using the forum on Moodle is a helpful tool to encourage all students ( shy, gifted, low achievers)  to share their thoughts and to respond to others in a very safe and nonthreatening environment. Also, the forum saves time in class since students come to class discussions equipped with different perspectives, thoughts and positions. By posting their work, research, or thoughts on Moodle, students gain confidence and recognition among their peers.

Moodle also facilitates teaching and learning as well as organization and keeps everyone up-to-date.

  • C’est magnifique quand je poste des documents intéressants en couleur (des cartes , des frises, des schémas )et des links pédagogiques que mes élèves peuvent consulter en autonomie et à distance.
  • It's a very practical way of teaching.    An excellent way to communicate with our students.   The correction of any work is done quickly with immediate feedback.
  • Moodle has added a new dimension to my teaching by creating a learning hub that extends beyond the physical setting of the classroom allowing all stakeholders to play an active role in the learning process.
  • Moodle is a wonderful tool. It is great for students to keep their course references and to be aware of all activities and assignments done in class or on Moodle. For teachers, Moodle is very helpful for placing references, activities and assignments. It also helps teachers and students to improve their IT skills and be up to date with new educational tools.
  • خطوة متقدّمة تماشيًاً مع متطلّبات العصر.
  • خطوة رائدة في مجال التّعليم.
  • طريقة محفّزة على التّعلّم.
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